Colleen (Colette) Kavana, born New York, New York October 1961

Artist and poet uses the nickname Colette as her preferred known name, and signature. Self - taught, self - expressionist artist and poet, her works are narratives of the human condition. Poetry is developed from deep pockets within the self - conscious of a poet effected by life. Abstract work entangles interrelationship of shape, space, and mood.

Artworks are held in private collection throughout the Untied States and abroad. Colette is a poet under Hudson Valley and Hudson River Poets, with a first published book of poems expected in 2019. As an open read poet, performing throughout Upper Westchester, the Greater Hudson Valley and New York City, she speaks on the need to use, and dispel, one’s own voice.

Poetry is often the language spoken in times of need, as you feel the exposed skin of the raw poem in each of it’s making. Abstract and Installation work is the cumulative development of the “singular self,” as the sanctuary of nature and stillness is continually drawn upon. The artist and poet are not as two counterparts, but as one whole. It is the complete circular shaping of a creative mind at work which draws upon the stillness of subconsciousness.


Artist Statement

The story and language of this duality of artist and poet within myself, arrives from an internal dialogue which deeply seeds me. My early morning runs and evening walks are the inspiration and meditation for my creative process. It is out in the feel of fresh air, within pockets of the sub - conscious, where a poem develops and forms. It is within the cloud formation that blue paint spills onto paper. There is a continuum with nature, elements are not separate. This narrative that all things are connected to one another, allows me to view the world differently, giving special recognition to how one fits into the contour of life’s space. The context of being part of a larger whole, and not a separate breathing specimen amends me. My gardens are alive with dirt and color and growth. Placing my hands within this dirt of earth, solidifies a sense of balance for me.

My work is an exploration of the “self”, and it’s proportionate place within the frame of nature, humanity, and sanctity of silence. It is within the silence, that the language of tongue, pushes through all esoteric whispers. My senses and observations of people and nature, guide my artistic process. I attempt to capture the essence of the universal human condition. I like things to be delicate, but strong in stance, methodical and organized. I dissect and dislodge the splinters of this life, interpreting a single flower petal in my garden, to the grief, loneliness, happiness, want, need and attachment, of the human soul.

My work, in essence, relates to the questions and context of why we are all here. Why the breath is important for sustainability. Why humanity falters and fails, regrows and regains, in continuous cycle

The self - consciousness of life, of my own life, has become the interior inhabitance set forth in much of my poetry. The dictation of one’s mind unraveling thought, becomes the poetic verse which had been held under skin.

~ colette